Modern Console table Walnut with Resin Templare Cross

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Products used :
Epoxy Resin Glass Cast 50
Pigment Black –
Flash/Release Tape –
Polypropylene Sheet
Vacuum Degassing System
Wipe on Poly
NW1-Black Super cut

Festool 499021 MPA 5000 Grit Polishing Compound

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  • bloody brilliant

  • Beautiful. Nuff said.

  • Are the items you make pre ordered from clients or you make them and sell them?

  • Absolutely amazing 😳 such a brilliant idea !

  • I'm about to finish my 1st coffee table and see you use Minwax wipe on poly a lot. It's quite expensive, have you used this:
    Osmo polyx hard wax oil?

  • where do ya live ma dear
    i am interested in buying some used wood machines

  • Много смотрел ‘’мастеров’’ на ютубе . Ты конечно молодчина . И инструмент весь ручной профи . И станки хорошие . И рабочее место в порядке . Работы сделаны на качество . Уважаю .

  • 🤙

  • Beautiful piece of work.

  • Absolutely stunning, best I have ever seen.

  • Great job man the simplicity of the design just highlights the piece. By the way that walnut is the dogs b!!!ocks👍👍👍👍

  • What are the your work / layout table frames made from? Aluminum channel?

  • That's a stunning piece of wood👌
    Magnificent job mate, that finish though! 👍

  • Great videos and inspirational work. I would love to know your background and how you got to where you are. Thanks.

  • Vey well made amazing work of art the right collector this is 5 grand!

  • Lovely job

  • This is pure art!!!

  • Beautiful piece! You're so bloody cool!

  • Very very beautiful!!!!!
    Thumbs Up & Enjoyed!!

  • Amazing piece, thanks for sharing!

  • Freakin awesome!!!

  • WOW, very impressive good sir, well done. What were the table saw, jointer/planer (thicknesser) that you were using please…. thank you.

  • Well made Sir!

  • Awesome as normal

  • Absolutely fantastic.

  • Fantastic you are a craftsman in every video I have watched 👍👍👍👍👍👍thanks for sharing ✋👍👍👍👍

  • Absolutely beautiful but, your workshop makes me jealous!

  • Did I miss it or where is the result of the @5:50 action?

  • Is there ever a problem with the wood moving but the resin does not? Great video.

  • Fab job matey….

  • Very nice….

  • Amazing work and so well filmed too, thanks.

  • You do some absolute phenomenal work! Love all your stuff

  • How do you afford those machines?

  • Good trick at the 6 minute mark. Going to steal that! Thnx.

  • Beautiful! The grain on that board is fantastic. Complicated design, really well done.

  • Great job !

  • Love that slab. Beautiful grain.

  • Awesome job. What is wax oil?
    I have been practicing with epoxy too. I secured a large amount of reclaimed wood. I am making a new dining table and have used a small amount of epoxy in the voids and other areas. I am so glad l did smaller things first with the epoxy as it helped so much in getting it right on this piece.

  • Fantastic work as always. Once again an inspiration for me to start my resin furniture…once my injury has healed. Keep up the excellent work and look forward to the next project.