My first 3D game using OpenGL + Glut (Extended)

Downloads for the executables and the source code in the description:

This is a demo for a single player skill game.

– Collect the 5 keys one by one.
– Insert them into their respective columns.
– Cross the portal.

– Move: W, A, S, D
– Jump: Spacebar
– Rotate Camera: Mouse
– Fist person view: num. 1
– Third person view: num. 3
– Exit: ESC

Noclip keys:
– Enable noclip mode: F10
– Fly up: left mouse button
– Fly down: right mouse button

– Beyond Good and Evil: Home Sweet Home


– This is a re-upload from a 2013 video
– In the source code there are some comments in spanish, sorry for that. 😛
– Also, the terrain loading isn’t well optimized yet, since I use a display list and it may go slow in some computers. I’m on the way to change it to a VBO in order to solve that problem.


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  • Can somebody build the Mac binaries and send them to me?

  • Hello
    I've a small educational channel and
    it would be insanely nice from you
    if you would be a part of my channel

  • 2:33 stop, it's Avater?

  • omg the ball physics

  • voidvoid

    Author Reply

    Your IDE?
    Where are you learning OpenGL?

  • hi

  • can i have source code please 😁

  • i want to know what will happen when you fail

  • im gonna call this game doom soccer

  • Just need a Monkey Ball controller

  • I will succeed

  • Hey, dude, even without any shadows your game looks great


    Author Reply


  • The game reminds me somewhat like glover and I loved it but could at least include like little scenes, interaction and this game doesn’t have any characters to interact with~ ;(

  • This is truly amazing! I started my journey with OpenGL and this video inspires me 🙂 Not many people make it this far, congrats!

  • Maybe you are the golden soul who has the knowledge to decipher the mystery of why Zdoom-based source ports have terrible performance and look so discolored/pale in comparison with Quake opengl source ports (and Quake despite being a full 3D game doesn't lag)

  • I like it!

  • SamSam

    Author Reply

    Probably better than some of those Sonic 3D

  • This is epic! well done on this!

  • Super Monkey Ball


    Author Reply

    are you gonna ever finish the demo? even though its been 4 years.. 🙂

  • nice very relaxing, fun to look and good music

  • 3:52
    Kidding me this seems very easy
    Its bigger than I thought

  • This game is

    Cool , Awesomec, amazing , beautiful, funny , and its your first game


  • It's beautiful

  • Well.

    Hell is real

    It s like now

    A never ending twist of danger and agony and torture

    Or whatever

    Just do good and expect nothing
    Not even a blessing
    A safety
    A peace
    A unison


    The hate is immortal. Just like evil itself.

  • Like how you put biblical names on the levels!

  • It’s 2020 and now YouTube recommends me this 😑😑

  • He: make a game
    Me: print("Hello world!")

  • this is gonna sound mean but i wanted you to fall into the lava

  • Kula World, Playstation 1, 1998…

  • There’s nothing happy about those hills

  • The music reminds me of body harvest 🙂

  • Wooow maan, so nice!!!!

  • Some people will be like,
    game is very simple, low graphics, liquid simulation is so unreal, animation is not so fun, unenjoyable.

    Don't worry about the negative reviews, man. There are some people called programmers who know the struggle behind the game.

    Hatsoff man. Keep doing it.
    And to be honest I struck at Buffer Binding concept. 🙂

  • Bounce 3d from Symbian 😀

  • Exactly the graphics that i love, also i'm trying to learn opengl
    so i was searching for some people that made something with it to get myself more exited about opengl
    and i found your work!
    Nice work man, keep it up
    and please stay on this graphics system if you are thinking of making more stuff, there are some people that loves the classic graphics! 😊😊😍😍😍