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Office 365 SMTP Relay Setup for Beginners / Sending Build Results from Jenkins Email Notification

In this Office 365 SMTP relay setup for beginners (and not-so-beginners) we’ll take a look at what steps are necessary to set up before being able sending build results from your Jenkins. We also cover how to create attachments/reports that you can add to the email you’re sending as well.

NOTE if you have a working SMTP relay functioning already, feel free to skip to 5:25 in the video.

Feel free to leave a comment below if you get stuck on the tutorial, and I will do the best I can to help you through this process!

FYI, this relay setup makes the most sense for those with Office 365 business or enterprise accounts already in place. If this isn’t the case and you would like to explore alternative SMTP relays to use, I have videos on how to set up mainstream relays from other sources as well:

📺First video in series for AWS users:
Setting Up Jenkins’ Editable Email Notification + Amazon’s SES Service / Is this “relay” possible??

📺Second video in series for Azure users:
Jenkins’ Editable Email Notification + SendGrid’s SMTP Service Setup / Is this “relay” possible??

📺Third video in series for Gmail users:
How to Send Build Result Emails from Jenkins // G Suite or Gmail SMTP? // Is this “relay” possible?

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  • thanks much

  • After successfully sending a test email, but in my e-mail for the test there is no entry at all from Jenkins, is there something wrong? pls help me

  • YOU ROCK!!!