Popeye: The History and The Games

There are far more Popeye games than you would expect…
…and Japan got the best ones

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☠ Nintendo’s 1st ever Mascot you never knew:
☠ Popeye Video Games:
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Does anybody actually read this stuff?

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  • I wonder what would have happened if, we got Popeye instead of Donkey Kong. would super Mario brothers still have got the fanfare it got if the character didn't start in the arcade game first? would Sega still have countered with sonic and if they did, would sonic have took off without a competitor to go against? Without Nintendos growth because of Mario, would the failed collaboration with sony still try to take place, thus leading to the play station and later its rival the xBox? one tiny decision and gaming history could have been quite different

  • 0:31

     This bit makes me sad. 🙁

  • 0:32 this aged very poorly.

  • 3:45 How surreal would it be buying ramen made by Nintendo.

  • That summery of the 20's is sounding distressingly familiar right now.

  • Fucking gross ass pretzel commercial grossed me out and pissed me off. Can't finish. Fuck snyder's of hannover and people who eat while on the phone.

  • I adore Popeye he's a wonderful character

  • whiffle bird, is thst why spinach is eaten through his pipe. hint o

  • For me, the first feeling of playing a cartoon was Trap Door on the spectrum. I wouldn't get the same feeling until SuperFrog on the Amiga…and later Cuphead

  • YOU"RE WRONG ABOUT THE FIRST VIDEO GAME… the cathode-ray tube amusement device was the first

  • Odd. You said Popeye 2 on the GB was Japan only but I own an English USA cartridge I bought second hand at a Kmart in the 90s. Still have it. Played it constantly on my super game boy

  • Can't believe that there are Popeye visual novels

  • I'd love to see a Donkey Kong hack with the Popeye characters.

  • NewbyNewby

    Author Reply

    the movie is already cancelled

  • Please do a video on Development History on Cuphead.

  • Sorry but you are wrong the Popeye Game with the Sea Hag in which Popeye has to save his friends is not Japan exclusive we in Europe especially Germany also god that game

  • Just more reasons to hate the Emoji movie.

  • Can you imagine? Super Popeye Bros.😭😂

  • Popeyes from 1919 not 1929

  • like

  • Seeing the video, boom suddenly I vividly remember the arcade game.
    Crap. Guess I'm ready to be put in the Soylent Green now.

  • That Popeye board game reminds me of that Flintstones game on the (Genesis?) that was kind of the same thing. Each player (Fred or Barney) would roll their dice, land on a square, and depending on the type of square you would get a little mini-game, platform level, or some sort of casino-like event. You also got a piece or something for every level you completed – kind of like Trivia Pursuit wedges.

  • May I ask why SNEZ and not SNES ("S-Ne-S) Ssssssess Neeee Sssss ? Just wondering. Not taking the piss, love your content you literally explain the history of almost everything I watched grow while aging…I wish I had the ability to make my own videos, I do believe my perspective would be fresh

  • Dude, did you see or buy the Mezco One:12 Popeye figure!? it's fucking AMAZING!

  • I live in Germany and had Popeye 2 for the Game Boy as a kid. So I'm not sure about it being exclusive to Japan.

  • 7:09 golpazo al agua 3000

  • Here is another unlicensed port of Popeye for the Tandy Color Computer. It has all the elements of the arcade game.

  • And then the Popeye movie never came to be… a true tragedy indeed.

    Funny enough, I remember playing that second watchgame Popeye game during my first years in kindergarden… it wasn't much of strategy at the time but my god did I feel proud for beating Bluto the first time in my life… oh, the memories.

  • 6:39 Popeye Table Top Arcade?