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Puppy Rescue Patrol guards space borders of our planet. Whatever happens, whatever monsters happen on our way, the squad of brave heroes is always ready to help. All the puppy`s achievements and adventures are written down to the big patrol diary. Its every page is an amazing story about heroic battles of the crew with unbelievable evil forces. You can take part in any such story! Choose a page, and take part in the beloved adventures, then write them down to the empty pages of the diary. You can write down the adventures you will create by yourself! New kids arcade Puppy Rescue Patrol is full of action and amazing emotions. This is a kid fantastic action with a lot of levels!

Our heroes are used to the evil’s attacks. But if earlier to overcome these attacks you needed only to watch a cartoon, now Puppy rescue patrol faces unexpected danger. Dark matter attacks the peaceful planet! Everything it touches, the dark matter turns into furious monsters. The longer dark matter is on our planet, the more furious monsters it creates. Puppy Rescue Patrol can’t manage it without your help. What are you waiting for?! The monsters can’t destroy themselves without your help! You must urgently turn on a battle laser, take on the uniform of a superhero and take part in the fantastic action with unbelievable adventures! Get through all the difficulties and dangers on your way. Collect all the members of the patrol squad and fight with Boss. Could you protect technician while he is putting together a neutralizer? Have battles with many monsters armies and win them! New kids arcade has a lot of levels, colorful battles and positive emotions. It is much more interesting to take part in all these adventures than just watch a cartoon about favorite characters.

This kids fantastic action, as well as all our games for boys and girls, is absolutely for free. Are you ready for new adventures? Then Puppy Rescue Patrol invites you to its team! Stay tuned, stay with us and have a lot of positive emotions, playing with your children our educational games.

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