Rabbit Punch (1987) – Arcade MAME Gameplay

Rabbit Punch was produced by V-System in 1987.

V-System released 6 different machines in our database under this trade name, starting in 1986.

Other machines made by V-System during the time period Rabbit Punch was produced include Rabio Lepus, Ojanko High School, Super Volleyball, Spinal Breakers, and Ojanko Club.

Round rabbits wearing boxing gloves fly from left to right through scrolling scenery punching, shooting flying enemies with a laser or firing carrot missiles. Power-ups are available in the form of canned carrots. Dying rabbits emit shrill cries of death.

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    Author Reply

    I used to play this in 1988 on my lunch break. You farther than I ever did. Thanks for the video!

  • hi agaen

  • Hey would you give me a link for the rom in english is very hard to find for mame

  • Loved this game. Wish it woukd be available for ps4 or xbox one

  • Never heard of this one mate looks decent but balls hard hahaha 🙂