Recreating Noita's Sand Simulation in C and OpenGL | Game Engineering

Exploring and attempting to recreate Noita’s “Falling-Sand” Simulation from scratch using C and OpenGL.

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NOTE: There’s a typo @2:07. I wrote “bytes” when it should be “bits” for the gs_vec2, color_t, and b32 member variables for the particle struct. So the overall size should be *drastically* different (only 24 bytes in total). Sorry for the confusion!

00:00 – Introduction
00:33 – Gunslinger
00:58 – Research/Resources
01:13 – Cellular Automata
01:52 – Sand Algorithm
03:15 – Water
05:25 – Wood/Walls
05:53 – Fire
06:32 – Gunpowder/Salt/Lava/Oil/Acid
07:37 – Polish/UI/Drag-Drop Images
08:56 – Final Sand Sim Presentation / Exploding Pictures

Project source:



Get Noita:

Get Powder Toy:

Blue Dot Sessions – Lakdeside Path:

Resources Used:
Nolla Games GDC:
Noita Gameplay Showcase –
Noita Technical Explanation –
Game Of Life:
Game Of LIfe:

Stuff To Read:

Special Thanks:
Guilherme Teres from Uniday Studio:

Everyone in my Discord channel. Thanks for hanging around and being awesome.


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  • How does your computer not crash when simulating all the tiny cells? Are you using some sort of optimization? If so which one

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    EDIT: Please make a series on your open source game library, I'd love to build somethingg similar to this for school reasons.

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    I really want to make a isometric game but I'm just beginner with hope 🙂 no programming language experience from past, what is your advice for a beginner and I want a video about it if you mind ^-^

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    I also wonder, what is the situation of your isometric game engine, it will release soon ?

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    I don't even know english well but I understand what's going on :3 thanks master

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  • I've followed your compile instructions to the letter but it wont work. It says "..source*.c" cannot be found, same with render_passes. I figured that it was too deep into the folder tree from the way the path is made, so I moved it one folder up. It still didn't work. I have the latest Visual Studio, and I used the x64 Visual Studio command prompt like asked.

  • Great video man. I found your channel from your Github. I have been looking at making a C game engine and this has provided plenty of inspiration to work from. Keep up with the videos, they are great!

  • I attempted this a while back. I can't believe I didn't try to travel to each cell along a path to handle velocity. I guess I thought it would be too taxing on my computer to run smoothly but, looking at your results, it seems to work well enough. Great video, I really enjoyed it!

  • Amazing video! I was thinking, what if instead of making the sand always fall to the left first, why not make it fall into a random available open space? Is the time it takes to compute just not worth it?

  • Awesome video. The one weird thing I noticed was you say smoke is like sand but with reversed gravity. Isn't it more like smoke is like water but with reversed gravity?

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    This maybe one of my favorite coding videos of all time. Very precise and very informative. Good job dude

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  • Your particle_t is not 136 bytes, there's also a wasted bytes on padding. It is 160 bytes at best, but most likely it will be 192 bytes depending on a particular platform. But don't do #pragma pack(1) or alignas(1) in C++, because it will kill the performance.

  • That's really cool, thanks, you got a new sub!

  • On a loosely related note, it always amuses me when Game Of Life is said to have 4 rules. It's really just 2 rules:
    1- living cell survives if next to 2 or 3 alive neighbors.
    2- dead cell is revived if next to 3 alive neighbors

  • A "Sand Game" is a really nice way to put it. 🙂
    Thanks a lot for doing this. I've been really curious about Noita since I first heard about it.

  • Cool video, cellular automata are amazing.
    Just a small thing, but giving the sand a preference in which direction it falls when it collides with a sand particle below it gives it an unrealistic uniformity that the player will notice right away.

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  • You can reduce considerably the size of the IF statements amount if you put functions inside arrays and just reference the function by its index, for example this python code:

    # predefining the functions
    def particle_smoke():


    def particle_wood():


    # distance values stored in this array (python list)

    distances = [wood_dist, smoke_dist]

    # particle creation functions stored in this array

    particles = [particle_wood, particle_smoke]

    for i in range(len(distances)):

    if distances[i] < min_dist:
    min_dist = distances[i]

    p = particles[i]()

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