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Send Email in WordPress Using the Gmail 2020 (using SMPT server)

I’ll show you how to send emails from WordPress using Gmail instead of the default address and actually, this is pretty easy with a plugin called WP Mail SMTP by WPForms.

After this video, your WordPress emails will not go to spam folders and they will look more professional.

Alright, So this tutorial will work for Gmail and for G Suite and the installation is identical.
I assume you have a Gmail account already and also we will use google developers dashboard.

Google developers dashboard:

The structure of this video:
1. Introduction
2. Installing the WP Mail SMTP WordPress Plugin
3. Configuring the WP plugin
4. Creating OAuth consent and ID in Google Developers (set up the Google API)
5. Adding Client ID & Client secret from Google Developers to WordPress. This links my WordPress email to Gmail,

Usually, WordPress uses PHP to send emails that usually end up in Spam folder, to avoid this we will be using SMTP.

For this tutorial, we will use Gmail for the SMTP which needs some data from the Google Developers Console website.

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  • This is the second video of yours i stumble across while working on my website, and i looove your videos, especially the little humour added honestly so entertaining to watch and always lifts up my spirit, keep it up!

  • Hi I keep having the oAUth consent screen asking to choose internal or external? Which one is best please?

  • thank you !

  • How to set multiple email SMTP in WordPress?

  • I tried it and it is successful. But I don't get the point. What is the benefit of using this.

  • Hi Robert, thank you for this step-by-step video. I am a non-techy person who is just trying to set up a very basic portfolio site and had no idea there were so many steps to setting up emails. Your video got me through it! Just FYI, some things were different; I imagine because it's been over a year since you made this video (for example, when setting up the OAuth consent screen, there was an additional pop-up that asked me to select "Internal" or "External" and I had NO clue what to do; ultimately, I chose External because it wouldn't let me choose Internal). This isn't your issue, but when all the instructions in Google APIs talk about your "app" it's very confusing, because I'm not setting up an app; I'm setting up a website. That is very confusing for noobs like me 🙂 But, it looks like it worked, so thank you!

  • thanks a milllion man, you made it happen for me, i followed your steps and it worked. God bless you

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    Author Reply

    y showing this Invalid Redirect: must end with a public top-level domain (such as .com or .org). when i want to paste my authorized redirect URI

  • – muchas gracias!! estuve todo el dia intentando conectar mi correo. saludos!
    -Thanks a lot!! I spent all day trying to connect my email. regards!

  • Thanks a lot, appreciate it 😀


    Author Reply

    Thank you! It was very helpful. Now my email is working the way it should.

  • when I get to the consent screen it asks me to select user type (internal or external) and if I select external it says verification takes up to 4-6 weeks?
    I dont get the same page that popped up for you.

  • Thanks for your video, finally, I created my webmail with your help. Thanks a million.

  • Finally I can setup SMTP gmail with wordpress through watching this video. Thank you for helping us.

  • Many thanks for this video! Solved all my email issues!


  • Lost from 3:40 How did you get there?

  • Thank u so much! Was spending whole afternoon on this watching another video but didn't work. But I could do with yours. Awesome!!

  • extremely thanks from the core of my heart bro
    because this video properly work for me and help me alot
    Allah may bless you alot

    May you live long!!!!

  • My problem is,my site url has a path attached to it and 0Auth wont accept urls with a path attached to them. I own and work with the parent Url though, help please!!!!

  • I loved your super accurate video. I followed step by step and actually got it done. Thank you! And the laughs were the best bonus. I've liked and subscribed. You rock. Thank you!

  • Men, U´ve Saved Me! THanks!!!

  • Good video, do you know hao redirect all mails from the cpanel mailbox to the same account that was config to admin across the gmail panel?

  • Thank you so much sir…It made my whole day efforts effective.♥️♥️♥️

  • Thank you sir

  • I want to send emails from gmail AS MY EMAIL in wordpress which is my URL. How do I do that?

  • sS KsS K

    Author Reply

    Plz sir help me,, WP Mail SMTP plugin is not working on my website.i follow your video instruction step by step , it's show [EMAIL DELIVERY ERROR: the plugin WP Mail SMTP v2.0.1 logged this error during the last time it tried to send an email:] here is the pic….https://imgur.com/VMvZc47