Senji Unboxing

In Senji ( , you portray a Daimyo leading his family through political intrigues, military conquest, economic development, and diplomatic alliances in order to be the one who, in the end, will have demonstrated enough honor to be named Shogun. But the path to the shining glory of the shogunate, as virtuous as it may seem, will be paved with the dead bodies of samurai, treason, sacrifices and blackmail.
Life is nothing. Only Honor matters.

You can find the game at Miniature Market:

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  • Please try to bring back this game to store!!!… I want this game since the first time I saw it!!!

  • I was going to make fun of this video… But actually everything looks very cool!

  • Check out Senji Unboxed! Pick up Senji, the game of diplomacy and conquest amidst the clan wars of medieval Japan, here  Remember only honor matters!