SNES Longplay [128] Popeye: Ijiwaru Majo Seahag no Maki (Part 1 of 2)

Played by: Tarosan

Popeye: Ijiwaru Majo Seahag no Maki aka (“Popeye: The Tale of Seahag the Wicked Witch”) is a video game for the Super Famicom/Super
Nintendo game console based on the popular Popeye franchise, specifically in the comic strips originally created by E.C. Segar. It was released by
Technos Japan on August 12, 1994 exclusively in Japan.

After countless defeats at the hands of Popeye, the evil Seahag has devised a full proof plan for revenge. She turns all of Popeye’s
friends into stone by removing their hearts and scattering the pieces across the corresponding islands. Now Popeye must search for the hearts within
each of five islands in order to revive them. It won’t be easy, as General Bunzo and his troops has issued a “100,000,000G” bounty for the hearts.
This prompts the likes of Bolo, Ox to try and collect the hearts for the reward. Upon reading this, Bluto decides to quest for the hearts as well
in a plan to impress Olive. Thus making this a race against time for Popeye to save his friends and put a stop to Seahag’s plan.

EXTRA COMMENT: This game was all ready to go to the United States but it never happened mainly to Technos declared bankrupt but as Jew Wario of TGWTG/
Blistered Thumbs would say… You Can Play This.

MORE COMMENT: This game has been fan translated as well… Also I was nearly precise which is why this video went on for so long.


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  • Ninteno make Popeye

    Me: Popeye will enter the Smash Bros. confirmed

  • I like game popeye super Nintendo 😃👍🎮🕹💪⚓

  • Japan gets all the good games and we get garbage like Lester the unlikely

  • What if the sea 🌊 hag took the hearts 💕 of general bunzo, his men, ox 🐂 🐂, bolo and bluto?

  • I never could finish this game. But it was so funny and always made me laugh.

  • Que nostalgia! 😢😢

  • Oh my Lord. I would have loved this when I was a kid

  • 33:36

  • Waita minute a popeye mario party game?

  • Mario bros

  • Intro 7:20

  • The music is horrible!

  • Mr GMr G

    Author Reply

    The intro is too long, I was falling asleep, like start the game already!

  • 24:09 this game predicted granny

  • Bluto lol

  • 14:19


  • This video is littered with banners. 🙁

  • “Blow me down.” 🤣🤣🤣

  • jeffjeff

    Author Reply

    wow man ,im around 30 but I used to play these NES games when i was a child but even back then they all were really crappy ….in my opinion generation of ps1 was way better

  • It looks like they had a pretty large game worked out, with a big map and good graphics, and even including really obscure characters from the comics. Then it seems they ran out of time/money, hence the repetitive and bland levels and the bizarre, out of place, anime style enemies

  • So the Translator changed the name from Brutus to Bluto. Fair enough; There was that one time they tried to combine the two to call him "Brutus J. Bluto".

  • Awesome game, played the shit out of this game back in 1996 haha

  • This kind of reminds me of the Flintstones SNES game, "The Treasure of the Sierra Madrock", which also had a similar style board-game overworld with dice-rolling. I wonder if it was by the same developer.

  • They should make a Popeye beat 'em up

  • This is the game Castlevania could have been.

  • I'm surprised the Japanese even knew who Popeye was when they made this game.

  • "Blow me down" Are you kidding me?

  • Lol Does It Say Blow Me Down?

  • because he eats spinach to make him strong and strength. like Popeye's idea today. it look like Bluto.

  • Why they didn't make it a sidescroller with a world map a la Mario Land 2 / Super Mario World… Leave the party board mechanics to Mario Party lol (Even though they suck now)

  • Looks like they had an awesome side scroller planned and had done some work on it and ran out of time / money so had to shovel out crap.

  • i thought this was going to be a side scroller, not board game

  • Ugh… they had the makings of a really great side-scroller here and screwed it over by making it a board-game style game. Lameness.

  • never ever played this popeyes game for snes. Only the NES one i had.

  • que madre mario party o que mierda

  • This is JUST like that Flintstones game!!  The levels, the game board!

  • What the heck? Popeye gets chi chis when he eats the Spinach!

  • I kinda wish this game did come out in the US.

  • If only this game was actually released in the US.

  • Actually, this wasn't made by Nintendo. They only licensed the release of it for the system. It was, in reality, Technos Japan who made this. So it looks like you own an apology to Nintendo if they already read your comment.

  • looks too easy.

  • I Love it

  • Love it

  • More Sagendorf than Segar, I'd say.

  • Such a fun platform game! I stumbled into it through my neighbour, who had an aunt living in Japan during the 90s. She always sent him some rather interesting games, including this one/

  • IDK why?

  • With much respect to the game's creators, I have to say if this is not the MOST stupidest game that Nintendo has ever created, the introduction is entirely TOOOO mother fucking long! You mean to tell me that with all the Popeye cartoons depicting him to be a "FIGHTING SAILOR", he never punches or kicks anyone. If my computer had a thumbs down button, I'd press it right away

  • The graphics may look good, but the real shittiness of the game-engine won't reveal itself until you play the game yourself 😉