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SNSD Seohyun Seohyun Contributing to Political Diplomacy in 2018 Pyeongchang Olympics

On February 11th, SNSD Seohyun, was seen sitting in the Presidential Box at the Pyeongchang Olympic opening ceremony.

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  • Seohyun is everything! She is pure, kind and a smart girl! I remember watching her at We Got Married and mentioning about the book that she loves to read (about Ban Ki Moon I think)

  • It’s a good thing, but please don’t act like she was the one who did all this. She was notified the same day and spend like ten minutes with them or maybe 30 minutes…. doesn’t matter, there were people who worked for years for this! Those are the real heroes here not her! Sorry!

  • proud of you seohyun!

  • I didn't know how powerful Seohyun is until this video!! Maybe her future calling is in politics!

  • She won't be able to do that if she was under SM

  • The lmportant message was that the Koreans can deal with their own problems. No uninvited do-gooders wanted.

  • Seo the future president hhhh

  • I'm so happy because oppa yonghwa is a ambassador of the said olympic😍😍😍

  • So proud of her

  • Who cares. Seohyun cant sing without autotuned.