Spontuneous – Family Board Game Night

The game comes with ten player pieces, two dice, a stack of Spontuneous cards and a tablet and pencils to record your trigger words which you use to try and stump your fellow players with. The players must find a song that has that word in it, and sing at least five words of it (consecutive words!)

This game was a fast paced, strain-your-brain, just-before-dinner hoot. It says it takes about 30 minutes to play a game, and that’s about how long it took us. And unlike most games we played, this game isn’t just something you play then move on to other things, at least it wasn’t in our family. Even an hour later my husband was challenging us with random words. Walk past him in the hall and he’d call out, “mama” (bohemian rhapsody could be the song to tame him), sit beside him and he calls out, “juju” (come together is a good song to sing) ect. etc., and if we couldn’t come up with a song, he’d find several. He just didn’t want the game to end, even after we left the table.

In the beginning, all the Spontuneous cards were really good, lucky cards. So when my husband got a card that said he could make up a rule that lasted until the end of the game, he made up the rule: “When someone gets a card, I get to pick one too.” Funny, that’s about when we realized that there were ‘punishment’ cards in the deck too. Oops!

I really think that if you know a lot of songs, you will do well at this game. But you may also do well just by shear dumb luck. See, I don’t know a lot of songs, and during the game, I only got three songs…I think they were all TV theme songs. Yet I won! Thank you Spontuneous cards!

Can’t wait until my sister and her family come for the next game night. Since this game plays up to 10, it will keep us all busy! And like I said, this game can keep going even after everyone leaves the table. (Great, now I’m singing the “Song that never ends” song! Except it’s the game that never ends…even though it only takes 30 minutes to play.

It may be weird, but I thought I’d record us playing to show how the game plays…come join us and see what Spontuneous cards you might pick up!

You can find the game here:


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