Strange Brigade – Hidden Valley – Walkthrough

Strange Brigade Hidden Valley Walkthrough

These are the Explored areas of hidden valley:
The Lost Valley
The sinister canyon
Trial of the scarabs
Picturesque Pond
The lost temple

We need to complete the following Objectives:
Power the mechanism
Reach the lost temple
Reach the mountain camp
Survive the clash in the canyon
Light the way
Complete a trial of tally
Solve the timely trial
Clean up the pond-scum

The gems that we found in this mission
Skull breaker gem
Quickfire gem

The Relics we found in this playthrough:
Cobra of Wadjet
Ibis idol of thoth
Jackal idol of anubis
Lion idol of markes

New enemies:
Ancient temple guard,
Forward guard,
Revenant Assassin,

Trophies and achievements:
Not out
What have you got again
Save our Souls

Golden Cat collected


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  • I find this so called "walkthrough" hilarious he doesnt even know what hes doing!! haha

  • Wonderful game, lots of fun, better than I thought it would be….

  • this isnt a walkthrough this is just gameplay. this doesnt reveal secrets, collectibles or anything. doesnt even 100% the chapter

  • damn fun game. i was surprised. hope they keep putting out DLC

  • This is a pointless video, a waste of everyone's time, and definitely NOT a "walkthrough." Your aim is terrible, which can be overlooked; but for being a channel called "tropheygamers" I expected completionism. Instead you missed/ignored a couple puzzles, missed a relic, missed a jar, (alongside most of the zombies you were aiming at…) didn't speak at all or give any guiding at ALL. Clearly it was your first playthrough of this level, which is NOT what a walkthrough is about. Change the name to "playthrough" instead. If you're going to post a walkthrough, you need to know the level, guide us through it, point out difficult or tricky things to find or solve (via speech during or voiceover later; OR pausing and circling/arrows, etc) and GET 100% OF THE SECONDARY OBJECTIVES DONE!

  • You forgot to shoot the fire at the top in the beginning to make the bricks fall down to get the chest. 🤦🏾‍♀️ Lmaoo this a bad walkthrough

  • thanks for uploading

  • wow…you really suck at this game!! lol