The $30 Console Table – Easy DIY Project

TOOLS LIST (Amazon links):
-Miter Saw:
-Drill and Impact Driver:
-Tape Measure:
-Safety Goggles:
-Ear Protection:

MATERIALS LIST (Amazon links):
-Trim Head Screws:
-Wood Filler:
-Sanding Blocks:
(partial list, other items can be found at hardware stores)

-Snapchat: TheRehabLife

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Easy DIY tutorial for making your own console table!
Dimensions: 60″l x 30.75″h x 14.5″d


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  • If you want to know how to make it yourself, just look for woodprix.

  • another barefoot video using tools; this guy definitely has a foot fetish, hmmm, or a tool fetish, I was curious if she can hammer with her toes? get it? hammer toe!

  • 6:32

  • Parabéns seus vídeos são muito bom gostei mim vista meu canal beijo

  • MA'AM! Yes and thank you. I'm inspired.

  • Anyone from England doing this? Or have done this? Could you tell me where you got your wood from, what type of wood? I think there’s a big difference in prize and standard sizing over here! I really want to give this a go for my new house

  • Bro what kind of lumber did y’all use 🤦🏻‍♀️ I think I got some expensive stuff

  • You r beautiful. I build you house

  • Love your console table. Especially the length. It came out very nice. A new subscriber to your channel.

  • Hi guys love this, you make it look so easy and it inspiring to give it a go. I was wondering if you could make it a little shorter in length and wider in width and add drop leaf sides for an extending craft table. I have limited space and really appreciate the advice. Thanks in advance x

  • This is awesome. I love it. I already finished one TheRehabLife project and this will be the next one! My problem is that I only have a circular saw and the cuts are not that straight. Maybe I will invest in a miter saw.

  • Keren bu

  • I just watched because she has cute feet

  • What kind of wood is this?

  • I look around for good woodworking projects and this is a good one ! Thanks

  • Great videos, nice and simple to follow for DIY beginners!

  • I wish lumber was that cheap at my place. Order wood only and cost 90$ 🙁 still gonna do it tho

  • How long did you wait for the stain and poly to dry?

  • Can u show us how to build a “L” shaped desk !!!

  • We made this at home. Love it.

  • Thank you for this! I posted on your farmhouse table video, which I watched first, that I wanted to build a desk if I make it a bit wider. This is even better for a desk. Love it! I find your super cute, up beat attitude fun to watch and I love how much you love your doggo!

  • Awesome…this is what im looking for…trying to make 1 for my kitchen after covid 19 settled..thanks vm for this

  • I learned a lot from your videos, I love making things too, and making DIY projects. I also started my YouTube channel. I made one of this console table and made it as a coffee bar. I really liked it.Thank you

  • Nice video, i just want to know abt the measurements are in inches or centimeters? Could u plz clarify on this. Thanks

  • She could buff my wood anytime 😍 lol

  • Brilliant love your channel, loads great ideas,

  • Shouldn’t you sand prior to staining ?

  • the furniture is beautiful, also your feet and the dog

  • Really enjoy your videos. Please do one for a 60" tv stand/ table

  • This build is great! I’m wanting to build a custom office desk/PC gaming area

  • hermosa

  • 3:37 ????

  • My god, she is absolutely gorgeous.

  • i just pre=ordered your book can't wait to get it and start making stuff I might order one for my son in law so that I don't have to share lol

  • I ❤️this freaking channel. Now my car lives outside, the garage is where it goes down now. Thank you 😊