The Battle Cats – The Ultimate Beginner's Guide

Be sure to check pinned comment for extra infos!

– 0:00 Intro
– 1:00 Basic Game Mechanics
– – 2:23 Stage Schematics, Enemy Spawn Condition
– 3:24 Enemy variety
– 4:24 The 9 Basic Cats
– – 6:54 Basic’s Upgrade Priority
– – – 9:15 Ability Calculation
– 11:30 Ninja Cat
– 12:47 Boogie Cat
– 13:15 Gacha!
– – 14:32 Super Rares and rarities
– – 16:00 Upgrading for gachas (and gacha units upgrade chart)
– – 16:35 Gacha banners
– – – 16:50 The GOLDEN Rules for Gacha
– – – 18:00 The Controversial Rule for Gacha
– – 20:07 Rule of Thumb After Getting Gacha
– – 20:45 NP
– – – 21:15 NP selling chart
– – 21:17 Silver ticket gacha
– 21:38 Bean, Moneko, Valkyrie
– 22:41 Farming XP
– – 24:40 Health/Attack Treasure Calculation
– – 25:50 Boring
– – 26:27 Ninja on Treasure Farming
– – 26:45 Treasure Festival
– – 27:23 Z-Medals and Outbreaks
– 28:20 EoC Moon 3 the EZ way
– 29:45 Ending & Other People’s Guides

Battle Cats Mechanics Playlist:


Rabi-Ribi – Natural Aquarium
Rabi-Ribi – Unfamiliar Place (Music Box ver.) by Acrith


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  • Please inform me if I miss anything or can add extra infos! Below are some of the known additional information:

    -If you're about to lose a level, you can force close your game and open it again to restart the level for free. Sometimes it may be better for you to just leave and fix your lineup though, don't be rockheaded if your lineup does not fit the level

    -Dragon Cat at full 300% Health treasure (Legendary Cat Shield), when at exactly level 20, can survive one extra hit from Teacher Bun Bun. This is immensely useful to keep in mind!

    -God's miracle is a total scam. Never use it, aside from the free Baby Boom that you got for the first time. Not a single miracle is worth your catfood at all.

    -Continues are a scam too

    -Some ubers acts like a super rare in certain forms, mostly the ubers from Ultra Souls in 1st form. Generally these guys are exceptions when it comes to not upgrading ubers in EoC as they behave similarly to a Super Rare. There are other exceptions too.

    -While generally being low priority, cannon treasures/upgrades can affect the battle pretty well. Whether your cannon one shots weak peons or not may help in your battle.

    -The save file I used for most of this clip is, ahem, not your generic save file. It is customized purely so I can speed up the process of collecting footages for this video. I used speed-up and radar powerups in almost every level there just to speed things up, please don't do that.

    -This game, despite having paid content, is immensely F2P friendly. It's genuinely extremely rare to find anyone who's at end game (Uncanny Legends) that has made purchases in order to advance through the game (and not for, say, collection purposes or to support the devs). Most players here are F2P

  • Why is the other cat is different😑

  • I watch from beggining to end and its not at all borring 😁😁😁

  • ayyyyy! My first uber was anubis too!

  • s ss s

    Author Reply

    I finished machu pichu in one try. Is that good???

  • My friend told me to use 150 cat good everytime when i get it… And i didnt watch this.. Now i feel like i should of watched it earlier

  • 16:31 why is rocker cat very worth upgrading in empire of cats when there are no angels 🧐 just wondering if someone has an answer

  • Thank you bro on the draw 11 advice I finally got a super rare and Uber rare

  • 12:20 name of the site

  • I was like "wtf" looking at the worth upgrading cats from Gacha but after I realized that they were just for 'Empire of Cats'

  • Eh, I can't understand begginers… I get Gao and Mitama in EoC ¦)

  • I got stuck in machu pichu to

  • 0:00 = intro
    1:01 = Basicgame machanics

  • Imagine finishing EoC then watching this

  • People get stuck on Machu Pichu because there is a lot of Le'Boin in that stage

  • So if you want to farm treasures you need to use ninja cat right?
    Edit 1:At one time,I need 11 clears to get a treasure.
    Edit 2:When you farm treasures,you can use the XP you got from the stages.

  • I abuse god on evry moon stage but bun bun rekt my ass soo i em getting all frome chapter 1 and 2 treasure and also i em grinding cat food evry day (i get araund 80 cat food per day) trying to get on 750 and hopeing to be 100% uber chance and starter special ( theats when 11 draw is frome 1500 to 750).


    If someone here is pro pls tell me a strat for boss spams

  • About the rare ticket rule about Uber and epic fest. So your saying I should forget about superfest?

    *walks away slowly with Dioramos*

  • I spent 1000 plus catfood refillimg my energy to get the treasures

  • Your the best I watch your vids and regits your tutorials really help me a lot tsm

  • 16:21 So let's look at Not really worth now (in empire of cats) archer could be decently upgraded cause there are two floating bosses The Face and Teacher Bun Bun archer has massive dmg to floating which is x3 so could be upgraded (you don't have to upgrade to max. Pogo would be a GREAT ms for EoC cause of his 50% lethal strike which is basically a revive also has decent hp for EoC I highly recommend upgrading these two cats. Also if you DO have nerd cat he's really good to upgrade as well. Why? It's because of his INSANE RANGE he outranges so many other units outside of EoC.

    At 21:16 I would recommend cats that are very pricey for xp e.g. Super Rare and Uber Rare for level 10 upgrade for SR is a whopping 298,000 XP for Uber Rare its 500,000 – 600,000 ( i forgot lol ) so uh hope I didn't WASTE my time on this. plz leave a like 🙁 I mean like DONT sell them for np/xp)

  • Outbreaks helps N U T T I N G

    this is a joke btw, to hate

  • Thanks for the tips. I followed your instruction at rare capsule. I used golden ticket for epicfest, and then i got uber super rare

  • The only reason that I do The outbreaks is to get cat food. Also should I use ads to grind up my cat food? I only just beat empire of cats chapter 3 and is still quite new to the game

  • Oof got kasa jizo from a random ticket and I started yesterday with a new acc

  • Bro I got 2 Ubers in a row in early game using rare tickets 1/400

  • 28:30 tecoluga want's to know you're location

  • Me who is a noob player couse į always sell the cat😎😎😂🤣😂😂🤣

  • 28:41 oof

  • i just picked up battle cats again after quitting a while back. Man the game has changed a lot. There's "talent", "curse" type, "leadership",I'm really stoked because i had ~800cf and there was a half off, guaranteed uber for a gacha that i remember was exclusive to bcjp and bam! i got 3 crazed yuki, and lost world yuki with a gold ticket. oh and they've also added more cat tower things. There is so much for me to explore.

  • Ultimate Basics Guide: You should get 2 cat tickets minimum ( The 30 cf one and the one for starting ). What you do is that you get both, decide the better one and sell the other for xp, get really ahead into game and done 😀

  • Can u send ur whole script I’m trying to help my friend but his YouTube isn’t working for some reason

  • I watched everything from beginning to end.. I'm gonna incorporate what I learn now.. so you can beat a lot of these stages with the main cats huh…. fuck…

  • Lmao the whole part where u prioritized upgrading cats…. mmm about that…. I just started like a couple days ago and I was super lucky in a draw and got lost world yuki, I’m trying to evolve her before the time runs out but I’m in the lower stages and get shit xp, so idk if i should still invest in her.

  • You need true forms to beat the first moon it's nessicary

  • t's not funny that when I started playing this game (relatively recently) I was in the middle of the first chapter and since I was noob, I used my 150 cat food to open a rare capsule, now, what happened was very unexpected, I got neither more nor less than the Uber Super Rare "Hades of Punishment" if it had not been for this "cat" I could not have passed the moon, although I will not spend my 150 food again on that I believe XD

  • PucciPucci

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    I watched this 3 times, what is happening

  • Will Viking cat carry you for eoc?

  • Me watches video:
    Him: so we need to *** and ****
    But as u all know we want to *******
    Me: oh I get it…heh

  • Machu Picchu is hard because leboins can stack to amounts so large you basically need some cat with huge aoe to destroy all of them without ubers or legend rares