The Witcher Music: Lets Play Dice Poker

The dice poker song from the role-playing game The Witcher. Composed by either Paweł Błaszczak or Adam Skorupa. Please, Subscribe, Rate, Comment, and Enjoy!!!

Some of the music I posted is not from the official soundtrack, but copied from The Witcher game itself. To find the music look in the music folder of your installation of the Witcher and make copies of the music in a different location. You will also need a sound file converter that can convert the files to mp3s or a media player that plays .ogg files.

The name used for this song is not the original and is just for fun!

Disclaimer: All content belongs to its rightfull owners Cdprojekt and Atari.


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  • Nah I'm good I'll stick with Gwent :))

  • I never win a match, but i couldn't be sad with this music🥳

  • Right click on video > loop.

  • When someone asks you why you got Stucked in the game… There is the Answer! hah :p

  • Too bad there is no dice poker in Witcher III

  • This song reminds me Zoltan in witcher 1 had a silly face.

  • time to make easy money

  • This themy CDPR should Add when making Wicher 2 not that shity song that added in assasins of Kings ;/

  • beautiful

  • Niby kościany poker jest prostą grą, ale można przejebać cały swój majątek. I dlatego lubię tę minigierkę. i przy okazji ta muzyczka podczas partyjki. Po prostu miód cud malina orzeszki pistacje

  • KantKant

    Author Reply

    Best Soundtrack ever!

  • I fucking love this game and this little music. I might try a real poker but I'm a bit worried I'll get addicted. Pozdro z Polski! Świetna polska gra 😀

  • MophoMopho

    Author Reply

    I just finished the first Witcher game and just started 2nd game, and wtfbbqsauce everything is so different in Assasins of Kings that is mind boggling. I really like the first witcher compared to the 2nd, especially the dice poker. I cant even tell wtf they are in the 2nd game since they're nothing but signs! And this song is vastly superior to the 2nd game's dice poker song. <3

  • The music is the only good thing about that shitty poker game. I swear that shit is rigged….

  • That damn cheater ghost >:(
    And all of that for THAT reward.

  • Хорошо отвлечься от убийств играя под такую музыку

  • Playing The Witcher taught me how poker works! Always had people explaining me poker but never got it, but I got it with The Witcher….and this tune is jolly epic…makes me bob my head an tap my feet without fail. great job Pawel Blaszczak and Adam Skorupa. and thanks to the vid uploader for giving the info on where to find this track in the game files…(why didn't I think of that) 😛

  • The Witcher have a best soundtrack in whole game after Silent Hill $__$

  • Best theme in the whole game, so beautiful

  • ten hour loop? anyone?

  • fuckin dwarf in the hairy bear in bankrupted me to 0. now i can't buy the stone for the swamp forest and im completely fucked.

  • Also, is this song on the OST or is it a recording from the game?

  • I really love this song from W1. This is probably some of the best VG music ever produced in my opinion. Not the entire OST, but this one particular song. It's up there with a lot of the FF and Zelda tunes in my opinion.

  • Simply wonderful.