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TOP 7 Best Male Physiques in The World

Top 7 Best Male Physiques! Let us know what is your order?

Ryan Terry’s channel:
Jeff Seid’s channel:
Sadik Hadzovic’s channel:
Lazar Angelov’s channel:
Sergi Constance’s channel:
Simeon Panda’s channel:
Ulisses Jr’s channel:

[Neffex – Bros B4 Hoes]:
[Elektronomia – Energy] [NCS Release]:
[JPB & MYRNE – Feels Right (ft. Yung Fusion)] [NCS Release]:

Other Sources:
[Sergi Constance sick abs motivation]

[Follow Sergi Constance’s 3D Abs Workout]

[Sadik Hadzovic 2016 Classic Physique Posing]

Nguồn: https://77days.net/

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  • Jeff Seid win…

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    Andrie Dui



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