TOWNSHIP – Fastest Regatta Tasks

Township Tips How to Prepare For Regatta and Complete Tasks in Several Minutes Without Spending T-cash

In Township Game you have an opportunity to grow and harvest different crops, feed animals, open factories and produce goods, send out trains, planes, ships, helicopter, open community buildings to increase the population limit and build houses for new citizens, decorate your town in unlimited number of ways, keep your own zoo, chat with your co-opers in almost any language. Special mine allows you to find ore and items for your personal museum. Ingots made of ore help you to upgrade your factories, trains, islands and achive best indicators for time, coins, XP. Mini-games (happen almost every week) give you a chance to compete with other players and win great prizes. Regatta (competition for your co-op) checks your co-op place all around the world and gives an opportunity to get best rewards. Helping other players lets chance to take part in lottery with opening lucky chests.


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  • How to prepare for Regatta tasks in Township game?
    0:00 House of Luck Task – save clovers from your friends to complete task in a minute. You'll need 30 clovers for 135 points task.
    1:30 Ore Excavating Task – save mining tools (which are often brought with trains). To get good points for task, you'll need about 100 picks and some other tools.
    6:54 Producing Task – upgrade factories with extra shelves. Max number of shelves is 8. You can prepare for task producing 8 products beforehand, while completing other task, and then you just need to collect products for completing it.
    7:37 Harvesting Task – grow plants and use booster to double harvest, so you don't spend time to grow plants, you don't have enough fields for.
    8:52 "Isle Goods to Bring Task" – send out ships with ingots to improve chances to bring needed goods. Sending out all 4 ships for olives, coconuts or shrimps with ingots allows to get needed number of goods at a time.