Video game MONSTERS | 3D Comparison

Comparison of some monsters of video games.
They are not all. For various reasons (time, information or technical complications) it is impossible to put everyone. I have tried to make the best selection.
I hope you understand the difficulty of creating such a video.
Thanks and enjoy!

This symbol (~). It means approximate. It means that there is no official information and I have measured it as faithfully as possible.


Cut It – Silent Partner
By the Sword – Ethan Meixsell

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  • I clarify that the Deathclaw has an error. It does not measure 6 (20ft) meters, but 3 (10ft). Sorry for this failure.

  • SplidSplid

    Author Reply

    The ender dragon is bigger than Alduin


  • Aurelion Sol can be even bigger Than universum

  • ha! ha! murlocs are bigger than charizard! that;'s a laugh, coming from a tauren frost death knight who's killed MANY murlocs, also glad resident evil's nemesis, and Deathwing the Destroyer from WoW cataclysm made the list

  • Me: I fear no man, but that thing


    Me: It scares me

  • So,where the Anti-spiral?

  • 1:10 Slenderman is 3 meters tall

  • Sad Wheatley or Gladys aren’t in this

  • What about the keymind???

  • I do believe you may have missed the largest one of all, the World Serpent, long enough to wrap around Midgard and bite it’s own tail. Also love how Infamous 2 Behemoth was there. He is a lot easier than he looks

  • Gongen Wyzen is Sargeras size

  • Deathclaw are not as big as super mutant behemoths

  • DxnnxDxnnx

    Author Reply

    There better be shadow of the colossus here

  • probably a good thing he left out the leviathans from stellaris, those would dwarf anything else here

  • What about the icon of sin?

  • You got the sizes wrong. Deathclaws are just a bit bigger than you.

  • No Stay Puft Marshmallow Man?
    C'mon, a staple in Ghostbusters Games, squaring off against Mr. Stay Puft

  • Wasn't Charizard, you know… BIGGER?

  • No starcraft?


  • I'm so glad nemesis got on the list

  • I thought there was gonna be pasific rim kiajus

  • NessNess

    Author Reply

    Pikmin should have been in this

  • Where is Aurelion Sol???

  • what about bio titan

  • I'm currently working on really cool PROCEDURAL MONSTERS on my site… would appreciate your opinion 😉

  • Unggoy died In halo 4, I tried bringing him along with us to survive until my dad shot him saying “it was a bad guy!”

  • None of these compare to my cock

  • HE'S LEVIATHAN, HE'S LEVIATHAN, YOU'RE LEVIATHAN?! I'M LEVIATHAN! Are there any other Leviathans I should know about?