Weirdest Japanese Arcade Game Ever! Cho Chabudai Gaeshi aka Super Table Flip

The weirdest Japanese arcade game I’ve ever played, the object of this game is to pound on, and eventually flip a table. Cho Chabudai Gaeshi, translates to “Super Tea Table Flip”. The arcade cabinet has a tea table mounted on it which the player users as the controller. The object of the game is to cause as much monetary damage as possible when flipping the table. Cho Chabudai Gaeshi also rewards players for the “length” of the tea table flip. Cho Chabudai Gaeshi, is definitely the weirdest Japanese arcade game that I’ve ever played.


If you are in Southern California and want to play this game, you can find it at Round 1 in Santa Ana, CA. You might want to check-out my video on Round 1 in Santa Ana, I think it’s the best arcade in Orange County.

Watch my video on Round 1 Arcade here:

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  • weswes

    Author Reply

    I played a version that had a fast food worker level, a funeral level, a baseball field with a tea table full of chanpagne glasses, and the family level.

  • One of the "achievements" is literally "Ho-ru in wan" (Hole in one)

  • 2:22 Now it's showing any bonus targets you hit.

  • this is literally the best arcade game I've ever played.

  • A round One opened in Michigan near me toward the end of last year, can't wait to go and try this game. I honestly never thought I would have a chance to so much as see it in person.

  • The Domestic Burnout Crash Zone game

  • what song is playing during the flipping scene?

  • really needed an English ver

  • Jo JoJo Jo

    Author Reply

    That is one epic table-flipping..real bizarre but outright funny 😁

  • That's pretty funny. Yes, the family expressions are priceless. How much did it cost to destress? Less than the damage of really flipping a table at home, I'm guessing. I hope more arcades carry this one. I can see it becoming popular.

  • That is one hilarious arcade game! I have not seen anything like this one!

  • Lmao! I wanted to play this so bad but I couldn't find it.

  • good stress reliever there..I need that machine 😉

  • Who's ready to flip a table over now? 🙂