Where's the Blanket, Charlie Brown? (Charlie Brown)

Linus’ security blanket is missing and it is up to the other Peanuts characters and the player to find it. The player can team up with Charlie Brown or Lucy and is guided by Snoopy. Locations include a computer camp, the supermarket and the library and there is a magic show by the “Great Houndini” (who looks a lot like Snoopy).

Where’s The Blanket, Charlie Brown? is an educational PC game for children released in 2002 by Tivola.

Linus’ blanket is missing and it’s up to you and the Peanuts gang to track it down. Play the game in 3rd Person environment either as Charlie Brown or Lucy. Snoopy will always be there to hep through educational puzzles and mini games.

The player will explore different locations such as Charlie Brown’s Home, Magic Show, Super Market, Library, Computer Camp, Garden and various other locations to find the missing blanket.

The title also features many other activities such as drawing or colouring.

Based on the original comic strip by Charles M. Schultz
Storyboard Anette Frischmuth
Idea & Concept Anette Frischmuth, Don Karl, Stephan Kolloff, Sabine Kössling, Barbara Landbeck, Mil Thierig
Music Harry Gutowski (© GuM, Ulrich Pexa (© GuM
Sound Effects Jens Busch (Radiogram), Wolfgang Adams (Radiogram)
Charlie Brown Miles Purrington, Dustin Büschken
Lucy Alice HIcks, Anna Predleus
Linus Matthew Gusman, Ada Vural
Snoopy Gerald Paradies
Sally Ellen Hornburger, Victoria Frenz
Peppermint Patty Demi Tsiamis, Marie-Luise Schramm
Robot Alan Smithee, Gerald Paradies
Girl with blond hair Ellen Hornburger, Marie-Luise Schramm
Boy with glasses Miles Purrington, Andreas Glantschnig
Franklin Stephen Scarpulo, Andreas Glantschnig
Schroeder Mijail Verona, Stephen Scarpulo
Woodstock, bird Victoria Frenz
Director Voice Over Harald Schnitzler, Anja Grothe, Roland Krüger
Creative Director Barbara Landbeck
Project Management Tivola Sabine Kössling, Anja Grothe
Project Management TWP Andrey Mazing
Coordination Evguenia Terekhova, Tatiana Lukina, Elizaveta Gavrilova
Translation Evguenia Terekhova, Tatiana Lukina, Elizaveta Gavrilova, Catherine Briand-Prideaux Lara
Programming Boris Shabashev, Oksana Chesnokova, Oleg Ivanov
Animation Natalia Kaverina, Sergey Shambulin, Elena Rumyantseva, Irina Zheleznova, Larissa Gorbunova, Alexey Gorbunov, Petr Belozerov, Elena Savik
Backgrounds Petr Belozerov, Larissa Gorbunova
Head of Animation Alexey Gorbunov
Animation Consultant Susanne Müller-Meerkatz
Editing Sabine Kössling, Eva-Sara Tullier
Recording Studio Magna Sound/Light – New York City, Hastings Audio Network – Berlin
Head of Production Don R. Karl, Stephan Kolloff
HTML Site Support Alexander Soloviev
Design Print Susanne Weiss
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  • i played this from when i was 5 until i was 7 and i was never able to get past the magic show 🙁

  • Is it weird that the snoopy meter used to scare me as a kid?

  • Mmmmmm childhood nostalgia…..

  • That just shows you that if you put something down somewhere obvious it magically disappears out of nowhere

  • Oh my god I remember this

  • This is my childhood

  • Does the game have “Erase Data”
    This will erase ALL of your game data!!

  • 2:20. Me: Good Grief, where’s the blanket Linus?

    Linus: I don’t know. I think it’s gone. 🤷🏻‍♂️

    Me: you should figure it out right away. 🤔

  • Anyone notice how you hear the adults talk making strange musical noises, but how you don't see them? Now, isn't that a bit creepy? It creeped me out when I was a kid.

  • I used to love this game

  • Schroeder’s house has a sketch portrait of Schroeder himself.

  • In the Schroeder game, the musical notes are hovering in the room

  • If I forget what melody Schroeder played, click on Schroeder and he will play the melody again for you.

  • Poor Schroeder was angry.

  • 32:44 click on Schroeder and Schroeder will play the melody again for you.

  • Schroeder was very very angry after his musical notes were scattered everywhere.

  • 5 minutes later, the dog messed up Schroeder’s music.

  • The next morning, Schroeder was mad!

  • Notes scattered: Angry Schroeder.

  • I wonder why Schroeder was so angry.

  • 5 minutes later, Schroeder was angry.

  • 31:43 Schroeder got angry