[YTP] the Konkey Dong Rap

It’s been almost 20 years since the release of Donkey Kong 64. That means you could fit the duration when fortnite was popular into the time Donkey Kong 64’s been out almost a thousand times. But what’s happened to the old Donkey Kong game since its inception? Well, they swapped the letters around in the title. That’s not all, though. Because they stuffed the game chock-full of random memes to keep the players playing. Bold move of them.

1K VIEWS! Thanks everyone! and since the video reached 1K views, i decided to add custom CC, so enable the Bosnian option for extra memes

Want to collab or talk with me? heres my EPICaL DISCORD:

i have nothing against Nintendo nor the Donkey Kong series, i honestly just felt like making this. so don’t spam random messages in the comments.


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